An aspiring writer? An aspiring nutritionist? An aspiring WWE fighter? It sure seems like everyone is aspiring to be something, even if that aspiration is just a hobby. I have no idea what I am aspiring to be. From writing, to acting, to giving up and becoming a house wife; I’ve had all the ideas and none of the desire.┬áThis is a blog dedicated to the sappy journey of self-discovery and learning what it takes to be happy through real action and less thinking. In a Walter Mitty-esque fashion, I’m hoping this gets me doing more cool things and daydreaming less about cool things. Hopefully, I can inspire a few people to do the same along the way.

I take and want ideas and suggestions for things I should try! If you ever think to yourself, “man, I want to get in on this,” then please do! I would love to collaborate or just to hang out with you!┬áLet’s share this journey.