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My First Adventure: Ukulele


That’s right, ladies and gents. I’m going to learn the ukulele. You may say, “but Destiny, this isn’t exciting,” to which I will tell you that you are wrong. I’ve wanted to play a musical instrument since I was a wee lass and the day has arrived where I finally will. I’ve memorized a whole two chords already but have no ability to even kind of play them together. Clearly, this is going to be an ongoing endeavor but that’s a good thing! Not every adventure needs to be episodic. Sometimes the best adventure (especially when you’re a beginning adventurer, like myself) is a slow and continuous one. Our¬†adventuring days have only just begun, Aspirers, and we’re already learning so much!

Things like concerts and spontaneous overseas trips are… kind of the coolest things ever but so are things that take time and (monotonous) effort. I’m a very impatient person and like to make decisions and then immediately have results. Taking your sweet time to really learn something can be just as fun and maybe almost as rewarding as a spontaneous overseas trip.

I’ll keep you updated on my ukulele journey.

Until our next adventure!