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My First Adventure: Ukulele


That’s right, ladies and gents. I’m going to learn the ukulele. You may say, “but Destiny, this isn’t exciting,” to which I will tell you that you are wrong. I’ve wanted to play a musical instrument since I was a wee lass and the day has arrived where I finally will. I’ve memorized a whole two chords already but have no ability to even kind of play them together. Clearly, this is going to be an ongoing endeavor but that’s a good thing! Not every adventure needs to be episodic. Sometimes the best adventure (especially when you’re a beginning adventurer, like myself) is a slow and continuous one. Our adventuring days have only just begun, Aspirers, and we’re already learning so much!

Things like concerts and spontaneous overseas trips are… kind of the coolest things ever but so are things that take time and (monotonous) effort. I’m a very impatient person and like to make decisions and then immediately have results. Taking your sweet time to really learn something can be just as fun and maybe almost as rewarding as a spontaneous overseas trip.

I’ll keep you updated on my ukulele journey.

Until our next adventure!

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Hello, Fellow Aspirers!

I decided to skip my English Composition II class today (something I do not advise) and head home early. My college is an hour and a half drive away from my house, so I always have some pretty good thinking time on my way to and from classes. On my way to class earlier this morning I had listened to an episode of the podcast The Model Health Show about “The Anatomy of Success” and a Freakonomics episode about productivity, (both of which are worthy of listens.) I had those inspirational ideas in the back of my mind when on my way home I listened to Cardboard Boxes by Watsky (also worthy of a listen.) While I was poorly singing and rapping along, I suddenly had a little realization that I should actually try the ideas that I have! Weird, right? I have a tendency to come up with lots of ideas and ignore them out of fear of failure. But you all know how ALL of those sayings about success go. Something to the extent of, “you don’t succeed if you don’t try.” So, I’m trying! I’ve always wanted to start a blog but have never had a real reason to. I’ve been really wrestling with myself over what it is I want to do as a career or just how I want to spend my time in general. I’m pretty introverted and usually shy away from doing a lot of cool stuff that I’m super interested in, like starting a blog! Or acting! Or giving cool presentations! Or traveling alone! Or talking to strangers! I know I’m not the only person struggling with working past anxieties and I know that it’s really hard to get out there and do things sometimes. Of course, I’m doing this for selfish reasons like, using a blog to hold myself accountable to actually doing activities but also to show people who feel like I do sometimes that it’s okay to be nervous! Or totally terrified even. We can work through it together!

Here’s the deal: I’m going to start really following my interests, go do neat things, and share it with you guys! Hopefully, we can inspire each other to go adventure, meet great people, have fun, and learn a little more about ourselves. Isn’t that kind of what life is about? So, I want all the suggestions! If/when you stumble upon this blog, I hope that you love it! I hope my (maybe awkward) outings and trying my darnedest to get out of my comfort zone inspires you to do the same. Thanks for taking this journey with me! 🙂

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